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                              1. Company News

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                                      At present, our Shanghai bet365 factory is loading pe500 * 750 jaw crusher + PyB cone crusher ordered by Polish customers, which is mainly used to crush river pebbles and provide gravel raw materials for roads and buildings. As the silicon content of river pebble is very high, it is not easy to be broken, and the wear of crusher is relatively severe. As the crusher manufacturer, we recommend using laminating equipment and multi-stage crushing scheme as far as possible under the condition of customer's permission. The multi-stage laminating equipment (mainly jawbone and cone) can reduce the wear cost of wear-resistant parts, reduce the reverse material after screening, and increase the production capacity of the production line.


                                              The combination of pe500 * 750 jaw crusher and PyB cone crusher is suitable for crushing river pebbles. If some customers have higher requirements for the size of crushed stone, they can add another impact crusher. This configuration can make the main crushing work completed by the first crushing and the second crushing (lamination crushing), and then the impact crushing is used for integral crushing.

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                                                  Our factory produced the orders from our customers in the middle of this month in more than a week. High efficiency and high standard are our consistent work requirements. They are all for our customers to receive our equipment as soon as possible and put it into production as soon as possible. Although our factory is in Shanghai, China, our crushing equipment is exported to dozens of countries and regions, from production to transportation and then to customers If you are in urgent need of a crusher in Shanghai, we will not delay your order.

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                                                                  1. Tel: +86-21-68763311

                                                                    Fax: +86-21-68763366

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