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USTA Junior Red, Orange, and Green Ball Tennis Regulations

Orange Ball Tennis is played on a 60-foot court as described in Figure 9 of the USTA Regulations. The net shall be 36 inches (0.914m) high at center. The ball shall be a stage 2 (orange) ball of any composition as described in Appendix VII of the ITF Rules of Tennis. Figure 9 is also published at the end of these Regulations. B. Divisions Required to Use Orange Ball Tennis. USTA Regulation VI.C. sets for the divisions that

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B. Orange Ball Match Formats 1. Matches will be played in accordance to the guidelines of 10 & Under tennis. 2. Court size: 60 foot court. 3. Racquet length: no longer than a 25 inch racquet. 4. Orange low compression balls.

Marking Red and Orange Courts - Tennis Play and Stay

The Tennis10s: Marking Red and Orange Courts – A Guidance Manual by the International Tennis Federation is a manual that is a guidance document for coaches, tennis facilities and industry professionals around the world. The manual provides information and advice regarding how different types of lines can be used to establish Red (36 foot) and Orange (60 foot) courts.

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tennis to youth all over, which can lead to a lifelong love of tennis from the very first play opportunity. ... ORANGE BALL COURT SETUP THE COURT.

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The orange ball is about 50 percent slower than a regulation yellow ball. The court measures 59 feet long and just more than 21 feet wide for singles, or 27 feet wide for doubles. Racket heads are...

Orange low-compression balls and the Orange court - YouTube

Watch how the low-compression orange ball bounces in comparison with a yellow ball and view the dimensions of the orange scaled tennis court.

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The mid level of ROG uses the orange ball and it played on a 60-foot court. The ball is the same size as a yellow tennis ball, but features a lower compression, keeping it from bouncing over young players’ heads. See diagram at right. The age range for Orange ball play is 8-10 year olds, and the maximum length for racquets is 25 inches.

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Smaller tennis courts for children: The ITF has determined that children under 10 years of age can better learn the game of tennis on smaller size courts, using slower orange, red, and green balls. These smaller size courts have the following dimensions: