Online Speed Post is one of best service offered by postal companies across the globe. This helps in delivering anything from one corner to other corner within less time and at a faster rate. Speedposts are not only delivered at a faster rate, but also with high security. Speedpost tracking allows to know the position of the post. Speedposts in general the destination with in two to three business days and does not take much time, until and unless if there is any problem. Speedpost services are not only better, but also cheaper. These services are not restricted to domestic, but also provided in International standards. Services of speedpost are provided by Government as well as private sectors.

About Speed Post Tracking

Speedpost services are provided for everyone in order to deliver anything and everything much faster. Speedpost is the best and leading one in each and every country, in its unique way. It has huge benefits in comparison with that of ordinary post. Here is the list of benefits a user can get by using speed post services.

  • The most important benefit for which most of the people select speed post is that any type of package is delivered within 2 to 3 days, without much delay.
  • The next best advantage of using speedpost is that it can be used to deliver the packages all over the world
  • The delivery services offered by postal departments are reliable.
  • Senders or receivers need not worry about the package because they are delivered in safe manner without any damage.
  • One of the best rules followed is that a signature of receiver is taken once the goods are received.
  • Incase of any issue or problem, if the goods are not delivered then they are again sent to sender only.
  • There is no limitation on the weight of the goods to be sent.

Tracking Number Format

While tracking speed post please ensure that your are using correct number format to track your parcels. Tracking number formats for various type of parcels are summarized below:

CategoryFormatNo. of digits
Speed Post (EMS) DomesticEE233456789IN13
International EMS Artilces to be delivered in IndiaEE223256789XX13
Electronic Money Order (eMO)00000000000000000018
Registered MailRX123456789IN13
Express Parcel PostXX000000000XX13

Process of sending a speedpost

A speedpost is easy to send and which involves just few steps. It consumes much lesser time to send the goods. Though it is not a big process to send the goods, it is better to know the procedure. In order to send the goods following step-by-step process as to be followed.

  • The first and foremost step is to ensure that you are sending only the products, which are not restricted.
  • Then pack the products tightly and safely, so that there will not be any damage to it.
  • Next after packing is completed, write down the destination address correctly without any mistakes very neatly.
  • Now check the weight of the goods and note it down.
  • Then after visiting the postal office, say about the weight to the service men over there and pay the required fee.
  • Now you will be given a consignment number which as to be saved.
  • This number is most important in tracking and know about the goods till they are delivered.

What is speedpost tracking?

Speedpost tracking is the process of knowing the information about the goods sent till they are delivered. This process can be done only with the help of consignment number given. So that the status at each stage can be checked. Tracking of speedpost can be done using various methods as per the convenience of the user.

Types of speedpost tracking

Speedpost can be tracked using any one of the type. All the methods give the same tracking information about the package. Tracking and tracing the status is much easier, but selecting the type is the user wish. Here it is mentioned in detail about the types of tracking speedpost.

Tracking the speedpost using online

Speed post can be tracked in a easier way with the help of online. It just takes few minutes of time for tracking and know about the status. In the postal service site, tracking information about the goods is mentioned very clearly. Below is the step-by-step process to track the speedpost.

  • It is essential to note down the consignment number which is provided at the time of sending the package.
  • Now visit the official website of the postal department for tracking the goods.
  • Now just enter the thirteen digit number, which is provided by postal department.
  • After entering the number just click on the track button.
  • Now detailed information from the starting along with the time is mentioned till the products are delivered.

In the above-mentioned process, status of the speedpost is tracked in online within no time. Hence, all the information related to a particular consignment number is available in official website of Indian Postal Service that is

Tracking the speedpost using SMS

One of the other best way to track the status of speedpost is using SMS. It is simplest and easy way to get the status in few minutes. It allows to track from anywhere and anytime with just a single SMS. Below is the process to find the status using SMS.

  • The foremost step to check the status is to have the consignment number, so note it down.
  • Then take your mobile and send sms in the given format that is 'POST TRACK 13 digit consignment number' then send to 166 or 51969
  • Make sure that alphabets 'Post track' should be in capital letters only.
  • Once this message is sent the status of the speedpost will be sent to the mobile phone.

Hence, above mentioned process should be followed in order to get consignment information on mobile. All the information related to consignment will be available till 60 days from the date of posting. Tracking information through SMS is supported by all the mobile operators. The only drawback is that users will be charged the standard rates according to the service providers for sending messages.

Various formats of tracking the speedpost

In order to track a speedpost consignment number is necessary. Consignment number will be in a format of alpha numeric with 13 digits. The consignment number format varies according to the service type. In Indian postal service, the tracking formats will be as shown below:

  • For Domestic EMS articles the format is EE964217026IN
  • For International EMS articles the format is EE964217026XX
  • For Registered Post the format is RX964217926IN
  • For Electronic Money Order the format is 964217926964217926
  • For Express Parcel Post the format is xx964217926xx

All the above are five types of services to send a speedpost through Indian postal service. It is essential to note down the correct consignment number. In order to trace the status, consignment number is most important. It is also essential to make sure the format is correct for the type of post which sent.

Speed Post Tracking Status

India Speed Post Tracking service you can check the delivery information of your consignment easily.

  • Enter the Speed Post Tracking number given to you during parcel booking.
  • Press track button.
  • Post Tracking results will be displayed at the below section.
  • You can press "Open in new window" link.

Where to find tracking numbers?

Speed Post Tracking numbers can be found at receipt given to you at the Post office during the time of booking.

What type of items can be tracked?

  • International Tracking India Post
  • India Post Passport Tracking
  • Track Consignment India Post
  • Registered Letter
  • Insured Letter
  • Value Payable Letter
  • Insured Value Payable Letter
  • Registered Packets
  • Registered Periodicals
  • Registered Parcel
  • Insured Parcel
  • Value Payable Parcel
  • Insured Value Payable Parcel
  • Business
  • Business Parcel COD
  • Express Parcel
  • Express Parcel COD
  • Electronic Money Order (e-MO)
  • International EMS
  • Electronic Value Payable Parcel (eVPP)


Indian postal service offers much benefits when speedposts are sent through them. It offers better services in comparison with private postal or courier services. Hence, it is a good option to choose their services. Here we mention some of the best advantages of choosing Indian postal service.

  • It offers both international as well as domestic services across the globe.
  • It offers better, reliable and quick service to the people.
  • It even offers insurance for goods that value above one lakh depending upon the terms and conditions.
  • In case of e-commerce Indian postal service also offers cash on delivery option.
  • If the goods are in bulk they offer door step service, upon receiving the call.
  • In some of the metropolitan cities it even offers 24 hours service.
  • One of the best advantage is that Indian postal service even offers discount, but only to corporate customers.
  • It also allows users speedpost tracking either in online or through SMS.
  • It offers services even in remote parts of the country also.

All the above-mentioned features show that speedpost is the best option to choose for sending goods. Instead of choosing private services it is better to go with Indian postal service in India. This is because they provide better service along with speedpost tracking. Hence, choose this service for the next time when you plan to send any goods or gifts to your dear ones.

Using Speed Post SMS Tracking

Find details about speed post courier charges here.

You can Track also your considnments through SMS tracking facility by India Post.
To track Speed Post article No.EE223456782IN

POST TRACK EE123456789IN (** send to 166 or to 51969 number )

In case you want to track e-MONEY ORDER (e-MO). You need to send SMS in below format to 166 or to 51969 number

POST TRACK 222256789123456789 (** send to 166 or to 51969 number )

Points to remember

  • The SMS is case sensitive. Use all CAPITAL LETTERS only.
  • Post Status will be available for items booked up to 60 days from the date of SMS enquiry.
  • The service is available from all the service providers in the Country.
  • Rates charged by the Service provider are applicable.