Indian Speed Post Charges

Speedpost allows in delivering various types of posts from one corner to other of the country, within short period of time. Indian citizens are depending mostly upon EMS speed post for fast delivery of letters or goods. It is the leading courier service in India that delivers within the country as well as international posts. Indian speedpost charges entirely depends on the distance and the weight of the post.

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EMS speed post offers express delivery services through out India at affordable charges only. It can delivery posts upto a weight limit of 35 kgs within India. It offers the widest network to deliver the posts across the country to each and every address. The best feature of EMS speedpost services is that it also allows to track and know the status of the post till it is delivered.

Rates based on weight and distance is summarized here.

WeightLocalUp to 200 Km201 to 1000 Km1001 to 2000 KmAbove 2000 Km
Up to 50 grams INR 15 INR 35 INR 35 INR 35 INR 35
51 grams to 200 grams INR 25 INR 35 INR 40 INR 60 INR 70
201 grams to 500 grams INR 30 INR 50 INR 60 INR 80 INR 90
Additional 500 grams or part thereof INR 10 INR 15 INR 30 INR 40 INR 50

Features of Indian speedpost services

Indian postal service offers various features to its citizens. These features drags the attention of citizens to use EMS speedpost services for delivering any type of posts. Here we list out some of the features of indian postal services:

  • One of the best feature of indian postal service is that it offers 24/7 booking facility in selected offices of cosmopolitan and metro-politan cities.
  • The other major advantage of using this service is it offers insurance of consignments upto 1 lakh.
  • It also offers its corporate and bulk customers free pickup service from their address through call or regular service.
  • It allows to track and know the status and also sends delivery information through SMS alerts.
  • It gives corporate and contract customers with another facility that is credit facility where they can book now and pay later.
  • The ecommerce sites and online sellers can avail the facility of cash on delivery.
  • It is offering discounts based upon the weight of the posts for both corporate and regular customers.
  • Incase if any post is either delayed or lost on that case, they compensate with double the amount of speedpost charges or Rs.1000/- which ever is less.

Indian Speed Post Charges

All the charges on speedposts are exclusive of taxes. These charges change from time to time as per the regulations of Central Government. In case, if the customer wants to check the proof of sending post, then they need to pay Rs.10/- extra. This charges does not include in the speedpost charges. Here below are the Indian speedpost charges.

  • If the weight is in between 0 to 50 grams then the charges are Rs.15/- in local, Rs.35/- for all the other distances
  • If the weight is in between 51 to 200 grams then the charges are Rs.25/- in local, Rs.35/- upto 200 kms, Rs.40/- for 201 to 1000 kms, Rs.60/- for 1001 to 2000 kms and Rs.70/- for 2000 kms and above distance.
  • If the weight is in between 201 to 500 grams then the charges are Rs.30/- in local, Rs.50/- upto 200 kms, Rs.60/- for 201 to 1000 kms, Rs.80/- for 1001 to 2000 kms and Rs.90/- for 2000 kms and above distance.
  • If it is additional 500 grams or part thereof then the charges are Rs.10/- in local, Rs.15/- upto 200 kms, Rs.30/- for 201 to 1000 kms, Rs.40/- for 1001 to 2000 kms and Rs.50/- for 2000 kms and above distance.
  • Daily walk-in customers with a daily revenue of Rs.2000/- to Rs.1,00,000/- will get 5% discount and for daily revenue above Rs.1,00,000/- there will be a discount of 10% for speedpost. This discounts can be availed only if the senders address is same irrespective of number of bookings of speedpost in a day.

All the above are the standard Indian speedpost charges for the speed posts that are sent. Daily there will be large number of posts are sent through EMS speedpost and are delivered within time.